Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wow what a blast!

This is one evening in Phoenix for Leadership last week. We took a pedicab driven by Zora, on the far left. What a nice gal she was. Just loved her! She gave us a nice ride, a mini tour of the area where we stayed. The three of us, Frances, Dacia and me on the back covered with a blanket that Zora provided because it got chilly at night. She brought us by a well-known pizza place that has been on Martha Stewart and on Oprah but I cannot remember the name of it. She said that people wait three to four hours outside to get in! It was such a beautiful place in a very quiet area. The owner grows the fresh herbs out in front behind a picket fence and cuts them when he needs them! We had sooo much fun!

I cannot wait until next year!

Here is a mounted policeman near a really nice area where we ate a couple of times. The area had Mexican food and Greek food that we ate. It also had a movie theater and lots of stores. I suggested that the policeman and his horse come to Ilion because Phoenix didn't think they were needed in that location. lol

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